About Us

Scottish Whisky Competitions was created by brothers Guy and Mungo Finlayson due to their passion for rare and collectable Whisky.

We want to share our passion for rare and collectable Whisky with passionate like-minded people. You can win a bottle from our Whisky collection for the fraction of the price.

How does it work? Each competition has three winners. Giving you great odds to win exclusive and luxury Whisky and some awesome drinking drams for the runners up.

Having seen the investment growth of the whisky industry in recent years we love the idea of people getting their hands on exclusive and luxury whisky of significant value for just a few quid.

Whisky is one of the few investments in recent years that has shown consistent and solid growth, so being able to give you the opportunity to win rare and collectable whisky seemed like a great idea.

Whisky Competitions with winning odds as low as a 1 in 3 chance of winning. We have highly transparent competitions with winners randomly drawn via an online live draw streamed every other Tuesday.

View our Scottish Whisky Competitions and enter for a chance to win limited, rare and collectable whiskies. Best of luck!